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The Boys & Girls Club brings the fun on non-school days

A day off of school doesn't have to mean a day at home doing nothing. For the Members of the Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area - it means having endless options for fun and learning to choose from.

From a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the gym, to winter activities at the Wausau School Forest, to creative energy in the art room - there was something for everyone on the non-school day on January 20.

The Caroline S. Mark Site hosted Canvas and Cookies - a step-by-step painting project, where Members could add their own flare to their design, all while enjoying delicious cookies.

On the other side of the art room, Members honored Martin Luther King Junior through a quilt making project.

Each Member was able to design a quilt square with something they want to change in the world.

From ending world hunger to stopping gun violence - our Members has some pretty big goals for their future.

Over in the gym, four teams competed in our first ever 3 on 3 basketball tournament!

The players said they had a great time and loved getting some physical activity in during a cold winter day! First Place Trophy donated some hardware for the winners to take home.

More than 20 Members enjoyed the day IN the snow at the Wausau School Forest for a day of snow shoeing, cross country skiing and riding on toboggans!

The Members said they had a great time exploring outdoors and learned a lot at the same time!

“Non-school day programming is vital to the Boys & Girls Club," said Caroline S. Mark Site Director Erick Steiniger. "We want to be able to provide opportunities and activities that our Members can’t get anywhere else. And we have the chance to impact hundreds of kids through these days off from school.”

To learn more about how to become a Club Member, click here!


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