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CareerLaunch supports members as they begin to think about jobs, education and careers. The program brings our youth, local businesses and colleges together to help prepare Club members for the world of work and provides the tools, resources and planning they need to prepare for a future career.

To access continued CareerLaunch resources, updated frequently, click here.

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Our CareerLaunch curriculum includes a five-tiered program that begins with career exploration and progresses through:


  • Junior staff training and hands-on experience working at the Club

  • First jobs, interviews and employment with key partners

  • Internships, apprenticeships or job shadowing experiences

  • Applications to colleges/universities, scholarships and financial aid

  • Long-term employment


The Club's CareerLaunch initiative is designed to: 

  • Ensure youth, particularly low-income, at-risk youth, do well in school, graduate on time and gain access to scholarships and internships

  • Help young people explore a variety of careers, make sound educational decisions and prepare for the world of work

  • Provide youth with opportunities and mentors to help them develop skills essential for workforce success

Employers and educators can be involved through:

  •  Participation in Celebrity Chat presentations at the Clubs to showcase   careers

  •  Coordinating business/college tours for Members

  •  Hosting CareerLaunch presentations in classrooms or career related   activities


To learn more about CareerLaunch and how you can get involved, contact our CareerLaunch Director today!

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