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At the Boys & Girls Club, we want our members to graduate from high school, be prepared to face their future, whether it is college, trade school, a certificate program, the military or employment. The Club helps youth succeed by building their academic skills through homework help and tutoring, academic enrichment activities, Tech Lab, career & college exploration and preparation.


Power Hour

A comprehensive homework and educational enrichment program offered Monday through Friday. Our staff encourages members to become self-directed learners.

Tech Lab

Daily activities designed to teach members how to safely and effectively use technology for homework, goal setting and more. 

Career Exploration

Encourages members to assess their skills and interests, explore careers, make sound educational decisions and prepare for the work force through activities such as career fairs, job shadowing, resume writing, applying and interviewing for a job.

College Exploration

Virtual and physical tours and workshops on higher education provide a firsthand look at post-secondary education including campus visits, meeting with current students and presentations on financial aid options.

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