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Caroline S. Mark Site Renovations

Designed by Gries Architectural Group

This comprehensive renovation project will expand essential program offerings, create age-appropriate differentiated spaces and modernize safety and security measures throughout the site.


Increase Club Member safety, retention and recruitment; ensure youth have a safe place to learn and grow during out-of-school hours and better position the facility to function as a key component in addressing community needs by:
1) Expanding services to 3rd graders – addressing identified childcare gap.
2) Constructing differentiated program spaces for tweens/teens and elementary youth.
3) Installing modern safety and security measures throughout the building.
4) Providing appropriate space to create facility zones to simultaneously meet community basic needs and supplement child care services. For the full summary, click here.


Renovations include: • Main-level structural upgrades for teen-centric programming spaces. • Lower level structural upgrades for dedicated elementary program spaces.
• Construction of specialized sensory-friendly environments; health and wellness areas and flexible community spaces.
• Security upgrades include an entry control center, glazed windows, a pass through and storage for backpacks and additional security cameras. For the full plan, click here.


Site renovations will directly impact strategic organizational goals.


  • Increase the number of Members participating in academic programming by at least 15% annually 

  • 100% of active teen members have access or are exposed to postsecondary education opportunities 

  • Increase % of Members graduating with a plan, employment or postsecondary placement Increase % of Members participating in 1 or more STEM activities per month 

  • Increase # of Members participating in STEM activities with external partners


  • Develop age appropriate, intentional programs for 3rd through 5th grades at CSM Site

  • Expand mentoring services to elementary youth by the end of 2021


  • Increase the number of Members participating in Healthy Lifestyle programming by 15% each year 

  • Increase the % of Members who report being physically active for 60+ minutes per day to 75% 

  • Increase the % of Members who report feeling emotionally safe at the Club to 75%


  • Increase average daily attendance by at least 30% by the end of 2022 

  • Increase teen school year average daily attendance at least 25% by the end of 2022 

  • Increase the percent of Members who report an optimal Club experience by 5% each year

  • Increase family participation in Club events 

  • Maintain a culture and facilities to retain and attract high performing staff


  • Create a facility maintenance and safety reserve to ensure ongoing maintenance, safety and security updates are done as needed, of at least 5% of annual operating budget

For the full plan, click here.


Mary Jo Johnson, Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area Board Representative: "Our community needs a place kids can go to learn, feel safe and have fun. Updating, reconfiguring and enlarging the space—and most importantly, modernizing safety and security systems, will allow us to serve more kids and teens, especially those who need the Club most." Wausau School District: "The Club’s planned renovation is an important next step in serving kids safely and age-appropriately in our community. The expansion to differentiated spaces will provide opportunities for an increased number of elementary students to participate at the Club and meet the needs of our families. Additionally, dedicated teen space allows our middle and high school students the space to study, learn and grow while developing healthy relationships with peers and adult role models." Greater Wausau Chamber of Commerce: "The comprehensive renovation will provide a welcoming, updates environment to support teens as they learn about their career vision including: first jobs, applications and interviews; higher education, college and scholarship applications; job shadow experiences, mentoring and employability skills." Wausau Police Department: "The Wausau Police Department knows positive role models and evidence-based youth development programs for hundreds of our community's youth are housed within the walls of the CSM Club Site. We understand how important it is to keep them safe during out-of-school time hours and for the staff, community members and volunteers that support them."


Click image to view full annual report.


BENEFITS. The need for Boys & Girls Club services continues to increase, as our community sees a decrease in available child care (2019 LIFE Report).  KIDS—Younger Club Members need spaces where they have structure, supervision, and the ability to engage in programming that centers around their needs. The new elementary program space will help them to feel confident to try new activities, increase their sense of belonging and develop healthy behaviors. TEENS—An updated, designated teen space will foster a sense of belonging and provide opportunities to serve, retain and impact more teens. The Club provides the only out-of-school, fully dedicated space for teens to make positive decisions and connect to trusted adults. These renovations will ensure staff and community partners are better equipped to deliver programming to ensure teens are college and career ready.
COMMUNITY – Facility improvements will allow the Club to create separate basic need distribution and child care zones to serve our community during challenging times. Updated and expanded facilities will help meet our community’s increasing demand for safe, affordable, out-of-school programming for youth and increase the Club’s ability to serve more kids more often.


To download the entire Caroline S. Mark Site Renovation plans, click here.

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