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Wisconsin Valley Woodturners help kids make creations come to life

“I made this pen!” – a D.C. Everest middle school student exclaimed after working with Bob Stavran in the school’s workshop on a sunny, summer afternoon. She is just one of hundreds of Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area Members Stavran and his team of volunteers has helped to craft hand-made goods throughout the years.

He says it comes to giving these Club members an hour of undivided attention from an adult, what he says is quite possible the most valuable thing they can provide.

During the summer, the Wisconsin Valley Woodturners spend four weeks, four days per week, two-three hours per day at the middle school, giving the children the opportunity to hand-craft pens, bowls, vases and more.

Throughout the school year, they also set up shop at our Caroline S. Mark site twice a month. Countless hours of time spent showing kids the beauty of making something with your own hands.

“The kids are all smiles – that’s the joy” – Mike Banderob said.

Banderob says once the kids make a pen for themselves, he encourages them to make one for someone else.

“You always want to do something nice for someone else,” he said.

There are about ten volunteers total who take turns showing the kids the craft of woodturning. Over the years through the partnership, the Boys & Girls Club of the Wausau Area estimates the Woodturners have worked with at least 400 members on various projects.

The group also helps kids craft pens at D.C. Everest Junior High for members of the Man of Honor Society. If they make 2-3 pens for the Man of Honor Society – they then get to make one for themselves or for a family member.

The Wisconsin Valley Woodturners do more than just help members create hand-made projects. They give kids one-on-one attention that is invaluable and has a lasting impact.


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